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Welcome to my website, which offers nine downloadable pdf-files on racing circuits, auto and motorcycle races, the American IndyCar Series, the Porsche 907 and the Wicky Racing Team. To download a file, right-click on a logo, then choose Save target as.

Motorcycle Road Races

  Austria 1923-1961 | post-1961
  Belgium 1925-2015 | classic races
  Germany 1921-1925 | 1926-1980 | post-1980
  Luxembourg 1949-2005
  Netherlands 1925-2015
  Switzerland 1922-1959

Racing Circuits Factbook (Info)
Auto Races Index (Info)
American Motorcycle Races (Info)
American IndyCar Series (Info)
American Road Courses (Info)
Porsche 907 Race Log (Info)
Wicky Racing Team (Info)
The Other Green Hell (Info)
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